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About Us

The East Midlands' premier supplier of automotive paint, bodywork materials and equipment, 2Refinish was born out of one man's dissatisfaction with the service he received from the industry's established players, and the subsequent realisation that he could do better. Simon Norman is the individual in question, a man with decades worth of experience within the trade thanks to the many years he spent both selling and preparing cars as well as previously owning and running his own classic car restoration firm. A front-row seat at the sharp end of this highly competitive industry, coupled with the extensive links forged while running the aforementioned businesses, meant that forming 2Refinish was an entirely logical move for Simon, one he made 4 years ago.

The last few years have seen 2Refinish grow year after year, Simon's steady hand ensuring a string of satisfied customers and an even stronger relationship with some of the industry's leading names. Now the East Midlands' most respected supplier of automotive paint, primer, abrasives and anything else the bodywork trade needs or requires, 2Refinish looks set to be one of the most significant players within this challenging and constantly evolving industry.

We've garnered an extensive client list which includes products from some of the automotive industries leading lights, all held and shipped from our well stocked warehouses. Brands like Mipa, Starcke and Klingspor have formed the backbone of the finishing industry for many years, while the likes of Monofil and Roberlo are equally well regarded and highly respected players in this, one of the most consistently challenging areas of automotive manufacturer and repair.