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Automotive wiping products Midlands

Automotive Wiping Products

We supply a wide range of wiping products for the automotive industry and below are some of our most popular products.

Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements for wiping products.

Perfection Auto+ Code: 1259

1 Ply White Apertured. Superb polishing and compounding cloth for interior and exterior use. Super-soft to provide a specialist finish.



Knitted using the finest cotton yarns to create super soft cloths for the highest quality finish for car polishing.

New White Hosiery

New soft knitted cotton polishing and cleaning cloths for specialist finishes.

Coloured T-Shirt

Mixed knitted t-shirt type materials, predominantly cotton for general purpose cleaning and wiping.

Easi-Wipes Strong TQ

They are a durable wiper, essential for your workplace cleaning and maintenance tasks. The Strong TQ is very low-linting to give a clean finish without leaving any residue fibres.

Stronghold Meltblown (Crowsfoot | Spirit Wipe)

Meltblown Spirit Wiper is made from polypropylene and is ideal for pre-cleaning and degreasing applications.