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Mipa Distributor Midlands

In 1948, MIPA SE was established as Paul Mittermayer GmbH, Lack- und Farbenfabrik, by Paul Mittermayer in Landshut/Germany. After several years of continuous economic growth at the plant in Landshut, the company moved to Essenbach/Germany in 1995/1996. This family owned business provides coatings for industrial, marine and automotive markets.

The majority of MIPA's products consist of a constantly high quality, numerous variations in colour and grades of gloss, which can be produced using a mixing or tinting system and suits any size of bodyshops' requirements.

Approved MIPA Distributor based in the Midlands. Please contact to discuss your requiements.

Car Refinishing Product Range

  • Mipa PUR HS-System for trucks
  • Mipa Additives
  • Mipa Spray- and Brush-Filler
  • Mipa Filler / Stopper
  • Mipa Polyester-Spray-Filler
  • Mipa 1K-Primer / Filler
  • Mipa 1K-/2K-Etchprimer / Filler
  • Mipa 2K-Primer / Filler
  • Mipa Epoxy-Filler
  • Mipa Products for plastic coating
  • Mipa 2K-HS-Acrylic-Enamels OC
  • Mipa BC-System
  • Mipa Base Coat System WBC
  • Mipa Special Effects Basecoats
  • Mipa 2K-Clearcoats
  • Mipa Hardeners
  • Mipalin Synthetic Ready Mixed
  • Mipa Special-Enamels
  • Mipa Cleaning agents
  • Mipa Underbody Protection
  • Mipa Anti-corrosive protection
  • Mipa Diverse
  • Mipa Thinners
  • Painting schemes
  • Mipa Aerosols