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2Refinish Superior Range Acetone 5L


2Refinish Superior Range Acetone 5 Litre can.

High quality 99.7% purity.


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Acetone is a powerful solvent and cleaner that is ideal in a variety of general cosmetic applications within the motor industry. A general cleaner for tools and equipment, degreaser for paint, and clearing up spillages.

An essential material to have in stock when using GRP resin Fibreglass in any application. Ideal for cleaning brushes and mixing tools when using resin, silicone, polyurethane, etc.

2Refinish Superior Range Acetone 5L can (UN1090) is high quality 99.7% purity.

Note: Check the surface you are cleaning first, Acetone will dissolve some plastics and can cloud the surface of glass. Acetone is also a colourless and flammable liquid.