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Bibielle Hand Pads Non Woven NHP


Commonly Referred to as Scotchbrite

Size: 152mm x 229mm

Pack of 10
Ultra Fine (Grey)
General Purpose (Green)

Pack of 20
Fine (Maroon)
Medium (Maroon)

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This Bibielle hand pad is a nonwoven abrasive material is converted into convenient pre-cut sheets. Can be used manually or on orbital sanders. The Bibielle equivalent to Scotch-Brite.

Main features and benefits
Extremely flexible and handy. Excellent cutting performance and resistance to clogging. Easy to clean using compressed air or water.

Recommended applications
Cleaning parts of irregular shape, removing scale, grease and paints. Removing marks left by previous operations.

Work surfaces
Stainless steel, standard or alloyed steel, aluminium, titanium, nonferrous materials and alloys, fibre glass, plastic or plastic reinforced by fibre glass.

Available Sizes
152mm x 229mm Ultra Fine – Grey (NHP008), 152mm x 229mm General Purpose – Green (NHP021), 152mm x 229mm Fine – Maroon (NHP005), 152mm x 229mm Medium – Maroon (NHP011)