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Bibielle Abrasive Belts Y988D


Zirconium abrasive belt with a Polyester cloth backing.

10mm x 300mm
13mm x 457mm
20mm x 520mm

(Pack of 100)

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Class leading, high performance Zirconium belts. Extra long life due to grinding aid, thus offering high efficient stock removal. The built in coolant layer helps to prevent the work piece from overheating. Fast stock removal, deburring and weld removal. Excellent on stainless steel, aluminium and alloyed steel. Suitable for dry operations only.


Technical Data

  • Backing: Y Polyester Cloth – Water Resistant
  • Abrasive: Aluminium Oxide – Zirconium
  • Bonding: Resin/Resin
  • Coating: Close
  • Additive: Top Cooling Layer


Availble Sizes
10mm x 300mm P40 (HP1033040),  10mm x 330mm P60 (HP1033060), 10mm x 330mm P80 (HP1033080), 10mm x 330mm P120 (HP10330120), 13mm x 457mm P40 (HP1345740), 13mm x 457mm P60 (HP1345760), 13mm x 457mm P80 (HP1345780), 13mm x 457mm P180 (HP13457120), 20mm x 520mm P40 (HP2052040), 20mm x 520mm P60 (HP2052060), 20mm x 520mm P80 (HP2052080), 20mm x 520mm P120 (HP20520120)