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Bibielle DCR High Performance Quick Change Discs


High Performance Zirconium, commonly referred to as Roloc Discs, and Twist Lock Discs.

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Pack of 50

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Bibielle’s quick change surface conditioning discs (twist lock discs) are recommended for use in applications requiring considerable mechanical strength.

High-performance Zirconium discs (with additive), Y-weight backing.

Some of its features include the use of a layer of additive which insures highly efficient removal and reduced clogging without excessively increasing work surface temperature.

Some of its applications require heavy removal and high working speed such as removing small-sized burrs and welding spots.

For use on stainless steel, aluminium surfaces.

Available Sizes
25mm P36 (DR1118), 25mm P60 (DR1121), 25mm P80 (DR1122), 25mm P120 (DR1123), 50mm P36 (DR1132), 50mm P60 (DR1135), 50mm P80 (DR1136), 50mm P120 (DR1137), 76mm P36 (DR1139),  76mm P60 (DR1142), 76mm P80 (DR1143), 76mm P120 (DR1144)

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