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Classic Car Workshop

2Refinish Classic Cars offer a complete classic car engine rebuilding and a fine tuning service in the Midlands. Our technicians use high quality parts and materials, building the engine to the original specification. On request, an engine upgrade or modification can be done. Your classic car will leave us as good as it left the showroom, if not better.

Classic Car Engine Rebuilding Service - Triumph TR6 Engine Rebuild

Has your classic car been in storage for sometime, and not used? If so, recommissioning your car will make it roadworthy once again. Even when stored in a good environment and with the car in near perfect condition before going into storage, classic cars can deteriorate.

Apart from the obvious threats of rodents, moths and decay to fittings. The effects of condensation on tyres and electrics can compromise safety.

We are experts in recommissioning your classic car from long term storage, and preparing it safely for the road or resale.

Classic Car Recommissioning of a MGC Roadster

With classic cars getting older and older the stocks of panels are decreasing and many panels are not available now. We can fabricate panels from scratch in steel or aluminium with our classic car welding and fabrication services.

Depending on the level of corrosion we can weld in repair sections or fit a new panel. We also undertake structural frame and chassis welding to original vehicle specifications.

As well as carrying out minor welding repairs on classic cars and specialist panel fabrication for parts that are no longer available. We also carry out complete body shell restorations.

Classic Car Welding and Fabrication of a Triumph Renown

The coachwork renovation stages are:

On arrival in the classic car workshop. Firstly, we completely strip down the car to a bare shell. Secondly, interior parts, engine, and all the running gear is removed. Thirdly, panels such as the doors, bonnet and wings are removed. However, the customer can save some expense by doing these parts themselves, if desired.

The bare shell is sent to a specialist company for the removal of the old paint. Sealant to reveal the full extent of the welding and fabrication work that needs to be carried out.

Once the bare shell is returned to our workshop, we then assess the work that is required to be carried out. We source high quality panels, and if these are not available we fabricate the panels ourselves. We then complete the welding and fabrication work.

We would be delighted to discuss your servicing, recommissioning, repair or restoration plans either by phone or in person. We can advise on what is possible for your planned budget and prioritise accordingly.