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How much does it cost to restore a classic car?

How much does it cost to restore a classic car? Over the years, 2Refinish Classic Cars have had many people ask that very same question. To help answer that question, we have put together some common questions to aid you in coming to your decision.

This really depends the overall condition of your Classic Car and level of restoration required. A restoration can start from a £5k partial repair, to a £30k upwards for a full restoration consisting of a nuts, bolts, welding and fabrication. 

Further costs to the initial project can arise if unexpected rust or structural issues are found during the removal of body panels, amongst other parts.

The cost of the project will be billed at several stages of the restoration. The stages will be set and agreed with you before the initial work commences.

As a general rule of thumb, restoration costs do not rise and fall if your classic cars value is £5k or £100k.

It costs the same to paint and prepare an Austin Metro as it does a Porsche 911. The same is true if these cars require 100 hours of fabrication and welding.

However, it can be easier to justify the financial outlay for the restoration of the Porsche, being that it is worth substantially more than the Austin Metro.

Even though the cost of the restoration of a classic car to an aesthetically pleasing level can be costly. The investment should not only repay you back in enjoyment of driving your car, in time it will increase in value. So you should be able to recoup all that investment in time.

There is no set time for a restoration for a classic car due to such a wide amount of variables. What is the availability of the parts for your particular car, and can they still be purchased. Do the parts need to be made or body panels fabricated in our classic car workshop, this will take further time. 

Other factors such as off the shelf body panels such as wings, doors, etc., can require further fitment modifications for the part to fit properly.

A full restoration can consist of total dismantling your classic car. This can be down to stripping all the paint and repairing any previously unseen rust, and poorly done accident damage before refinishing.

While restorations have been done by novices, you will require various skills in mechanics, fabrication, welding, bodywork preparation and spraying.

All the tools required for the restoration can amount to a considerable cost. You will also need the use of a garage to give shelter from the changing weather conditions. The garage will need to be fitted with lifting equipment such as ramps.

During the restoration, a reasonable amount of space will be needed. Complex full restorations will require a larger area.

Lastly, having another pair of hands is necessary at times, and not just for the making of a good cup of tea!

Classic car auctions are can be a good place to source the car of your dreams from. Not always will you get a bargain though. It is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of competitive bidding.

Searching online via eBay can give you a similar experience. It can result in being gazumped at the last minute by another bidder.

Buying from a private seller, can be a leap of faith as vehicles are often ‘sold as seen’. This means you will have to accept the condition in which you purchased it.

2Refinish have classic cars for sale, giving you peace of mind that the car has been through our classic car workshop, and will be of a good quality.

Look at how much of your finances are available for a restoration. Also allow a small budget for those unforeseen areas that may crop up. Areas such as finding further corrosion on surfaces during the dismantling part of the project, structural issues, etc.

2Refinish Classic Cars have a wealth of experience on all levels of repair and restoration. We would happily discuss your requirements and expectations.